Easter Draws Eyes Away From Coronavirus … No Church Building Necessary

As the Easter holiday approaches, Christians everywhere turn their attention to the hope for which it stands. In fact, many who do not identify as Christians still consider it a symbol of goodness, encouragement, and hope. It is a day set aside to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, after having willingly submitted to a vicious and unjust murder in order to give us all a chance at redemption and salvation. And this amid a rampant, out of control worldwide pandemic. What can we hold on to during this time?

On one hand the Easter Bunny, baskets, and candy have been relegated to the backseat, not holding their previous level of importance amid the Coronavirus threat. Easter egg hunts have been minimized. Fancy Easter clothes remain on store racks, forcing their much anticipated debut to next year’s showing. On the other hand, family has been thrust front and center, with more time to spend together renewing and strengthening bonds. Hope in the true meaning of Easter is surely enhanced by the contrast of fear and death exacted by this virus. As a result, many are looking to God for answers.

Church attendance has been thwarted – no gathering for fellowship, encouragement, singing, and spiritual messages to feast upon. COVID-19 has made it unsafe to do so. Easter service is one of the most attended church services of the year. How will millions of Christians celebrate Easter without going to church? In this technological age, that problem is a lot smaller than it once would have been. Long distance worship services have been streaming to the millions and this Easter will undoubtedly see record-setting participation, as people gather around their screens and unite. Although church attendance is a vibrant part of the Christian walk, in this case: no church building? No problem.

Throughout history, tragic events and difficult times have leaned humanity toward God. Pain, sadness, uncertainty, and fear have drawn many individuals to their knees before a Being much greater than themselves. This Coronavirus Pandemic is no different. 

Through this crisis, many who follow Christ will see their faith strengthened; some will experience their faith being challenged; while still others will turn away and allow their faith to wane in the face of this adversary. Of the masses who do not see Jesus Christ as their Savior, there will be those that curse God in view of this worldwide disease. Others will run to HIm for refuge; and still others will keep their distance, insisting science is the only real god.

Interestingly, whatever route each human being takes, God is at the center. He is the do you believe or not? He is the Is He real or not?  He is the acceptance or rejection. He is. All the questions, debates, philosophies, doctrine, and yes, even science, swirl around God – either He is or He isn’t. Yet, even in He isn’t, there is still HE: God.

And when humanity stretches to the end of itself, beyond what it can fathom, discover, or solve, it seems that all eyes eventually look up to heaven.

#GodBlessUsAll        #COVIDdoesn’tWin   #LivestreamChurch



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