COVID-19 Has Given Way to Anarchy and Riots in the Streets

After months of meticulous social distancing and battle cries to wash your hands and surfaces, all of a sudden, COVID-19 has been wrenched from the spotlight. The new battle cries are connected with the unjust death of George Floyd, a Minneapolis man killed when one of the arresting police officers restrained him face down on the ground for over eight minutes with a knee to his neck. Horrified, the nation watched via cellphone footage as Floyd pleaded for breath, to no avail.

Outraged, yet peaceful citizens mounted a protest in the streets of many U.S. cities with their demand for change in the area of police brutality. Unfortunately, as is too often the case, selfish agitators, personal agenda-driven activists, and immoral opportunists quickly hijacked the legitimate movement and turned the streets into battle scenes likened to a Hollywood action film.

There was untempered destruction and vandalism to stores, businesses, offices, residential dwellings, and even churches. Gratuitous violence against innocent citizens and extensive looting of high-end retailers and local mom and pop shops played out in multiple cities across the nation. City blocks, police cruisers, and other vehicles were set ablaze with no concern for the safety of the innocent.

It could be argued that all but those present or affiliated with Mr. Floyd’s tragic death should be considered the innocents being perpetrated upon by the ruthless anarchists. Even the peaceful protestors were targets of the evil mobs.

Meanwhile, social distancing has been all but forgotten. In the streets, handwashing and masks were almost completely nonexistent; while throngs of people occupied the same tight spaces and touched many of the same things. Police officers were forced into confrontations with thugs taunting and baiting them with crass, derogatory, and inflammatory words while spitting, throwing projectiles, fighting, and even shooting. Not touching people and remaining distant were not options.

While defending their businesses against destruction and looters, holding off thugs trying to destroy their cars, or screaming helplessly for the violence to stop, people had very little concern for COVID. How could they, when their very safety and livelihood were being threatened?

This all comes at a time when most states are slowly beginning their re-opening strategies and tentatively watching for evidence that they are doing the right thing. As if the losses from Coronavirus were not devastating enough, they are now facing millions of dollars in damage, more businesses closing their doors, more job losses, and more mental health challenges from the riots.

How the reckless behavior of such selfish, violent criminals will affect our coronavirus progress is yet unknown; but suffice it to say, it will certainly affect the hearts and minds of everyday Americans.

#ReunifyOurNation         #WrongIsWrong      #PeacefulProtest


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