Mind Coffee is a response to what can be consider foolishness in our society. We believe people are innately intelligent, however, we have become sheep – blindly accepting whatever is thrown at us, without asking questions.

Political correctness has taken the place of good, old fashioned, common sense, and to ask for clarification or explanation has become an invitation to be cursed out, marginalized or shut down.

Mind Coffee wants to open up intelligent dialogue on the issues we face today. Ask good questions, search out answers beyond that which is being force fed to the masses, and be able to reasonably prove your point. Be willing to debate an issue by first listening to all sides, then filtering what you hear through common sense and intellect, Only then can you form, solidify, or change your own viewpoint as a result.  Be a thinker.

#notafraidtothink       #notblindsheep            #notsheeple